Kite ★★★

Kite is an ultra-violent Anime about a schoolgirl called Sawa who was trained by a police detective to deliver vigilante justice against criminals he can’t put behind bars.
There’s a new live action adaption starring, among others, Samuel L. Jackson so naturally I checked out the source material instead.

Kite is essentially a two episodes story arc of a series (dunno whether that actually became a thing) collected in a 50 minutes film and we see Sawa on many assignments delivering knee kicks and headshots that make said heads explode in entertaining and excessive manner. The score during the action consists of heavily saxophone centred Jazz that gives it a lot of the swag and free-form feel of Cowboy Bebop’s action, albeit minus the sci-fi and plus lots of gore.

Then there’s the not just strange but pretty damn tasteless amount of graphic sex scenes involving Sawa and the detective. You know, she’s a schoolgirl and.. well it’s obviously just there to provoke and make the thing more offensive and edgy and feels as unnecessary and gross as such stuff always does. Exploitation Anime or something like that.

And overall it drags Kite down an additional bit, as besides the entertaining action there’s just a generic plot with generic characters that doesn’t surprise in any way. And I don’t think it was surprising when it was released in 1998 either.
If you’re in the mood for a short Anime with lots of action and gunshots that make bodies burst and explode Kite is worth the 50 minutes watch, but it’s far from a remarkable, must see effort.

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