Suspiria ★★

Now I waited so long to review this, I actually cannae be arsed to form proper sentences out of the notes I jotted down right after it ended.

So here we go:

-50h too long

- Both the specific Germany, 1977 setting and the Holocaust angle are just used as fancy set dressing, offering no depth or insight whatsoever, which, quite frankly, feels in pretty bad taste and the film would be no different if these elements were left out. You don't get to fucking mine the pain of the Holocaust in a coda conversation if you just added it like a bloody afterthought that wasn't integral to its characters nor its plot. Sit down. F. We're gonna have to talk to your parents about your cheap tricks.

- The finale seems lifted from some low-budget Japanese B-Movie, think something Sushi Typhoon would make on a CGI-heavy day, except with worse lighting and staging and a whole lotta less fun.

- It's actually pretty fucking boring, as its third act "reveals" are very much telegraphed from the first 5 minutes and except for that early Marionette kill, there's nothing intriguing or any subverting of horror movie tropes, or any political and thematical depth to be found here.

Guess what, I actually expanded on some of these notes. 2 stars for some competent staging and direction and Tilda Swinton's make up artist.

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