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  • The Crowd

    The Crowd


    It feels like older films keep having to constantly prove their relevancy in a society where the goalposts for what is and isn’t deemed “dated” are constantly shifting. Silent films especially. There is so much talk right now about what Hollywood has gotten wrong that it’s unfortunately starting to seem like a great majority of people interested in movies aren’t actually interested in looking that far backyards, automatically assuming any film made before [insert arbitrary cutoff date here] is going…

  • Satantango



    Master filmmaker Bela Tarr’s Satantango is a staggering and monumental cinematic achievement unlike pretty much anything else I’ve seen. It is a brutal film that serves as both a perverse comedy on the human need for “order over freedom” as well as a microcosm of the events that unfolded during Soviet-Hungary relations. But above all, it is an incredibly sad tale about a tragedy being used to exploit those who would be susceptible to making poor decisions due to circumstance.…

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  • Ivan the Terrible, Part I

    Ivan the Terrible, Part I


    Was pretty underwhelmed by this other than the exquisite use of lighting and composition. Absolutely no emotional draw for me, kind of like being on the other side of a glass pane looking in.

  • Exotica



    Feels wrong to say this was among the strangest films I’ve seen in a long time but somehow it sort of was? I wish I found it more surprising than many others on this site seemed to but I will admit the final scene was pretty miraculous. I wasn’t aware Greenwood could actually deliver a pretty outstanding performance so that aspect was surprising. And even if it’s narrative didn’t totally overwhelm me emotionally I never once found it boring. The…

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  • The Revenant

    The Revenant


    A truly cinematic experience that totally melted my brain. Who knew we would have another spectacle film this year after Mad Max: Fury Road? Epic action with a Malick flair? Yes. Every single wound and injury was felt by the audience. The bear scene and the opening battles made my jaw drop to the floor. I feel so so so lucky to have seen this early because this is a truly special movie. The kind of movie we'll still be…

  • Dragged Across Concrete

    Dragged Across Concrete


    Disenfranchised whites abusing the small amount of power given to them, deciding to take what they believe is “rightfully their’s” when that power is suspended even for a moment. America as a hellhole we are all desperately trying to climb out of. This movie tricks you into thinking we are sided with one guy when truly the opening scenes should clue you into who’s movie this really belongs to. And even if we think we don’t like certain people in…