Midsommar ½

Where to start with this shit show. This is two films that have ably demonstrated Aster’s obvious talent but his uncanny ability to derail that with crass idiocy and errant nonsense. The New Yorker review of this is the best I’ve read, focussing as it should on Aster’s inability to give two fucks about people’s internal world: need your heroine to be unstable? Oh just kill the whole family for reasons. He’s an incredibly misanthropic and nihilistic director - I don’t think he likes people at all

The fact it’s a rip off of the Wicker Man is the least of its problems. It riffs, badly, off several better movies but this also helps give the film a singular lack of focus. As ever Aster seems to throw every idea he has at the screen and none of them stick: he has neither the skill or discipline to focus on good ideas when he gets to them. The idea of two friends doing their theses on the same subject and ignoring what is happening around them because of petty jealousy is a *superb* idea but one buried in the slop of nonsense Aster serves up

And it’s also incredibly cliched at heart. Christian is such an obvious fucking weasel and is lumbered with such a “DO YOU SEE?” name I almost felt insulted. At heart it’s just “a bunch of unlikeable Americans go backpacking in Europe and meet a sticky end at the hands of evil foreigns apart from the final girl” but repackaged as art. It’s incredibly unsubtle - if I had any sense that Aster used the sledgehammer as a joking metaphor for how unsubtle his film was I’d be impressed but he’s just not that bright

An awful film in every way and particularly a waste of a stunning central performance by Pugh. If anyone ever praises this and complains about The Village in my presence I will have several words to say. Awful

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