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  • Mommy



    Like every Xavier Dolan movie, certain aspects of "Mommy" make me believe that there's an amazing film in there. Other aspects, however, seem to hide this greatness, making "Mommy" a movie that's overall solid, but always less than it could (or even should) have been.

    Dolan is the best example of a "modern" filmmaker I can think of. His visual style and even his writing resembles Almodóvar, but there's a hunger for experimentation that makes his films stand out.


  • Manchester by the Sea

    Manchester by the Sea


    The adjective "human" has been thrown around a lot to describe movies all over the year, but perhaps no movie deserves to be called "human" more than this small tour de force by director Kenneth Lonergan.

    Manchester by the Sea is one of those films that wins you over by throwing you into the outgoing melancholy of the characters you're watching. You know something's wrong, and you know their lives are nothing more than pure sadness all over, but you…