Cube 2: Hypercube

Cube 2: Hypercube ★★★

This is how I imagine „Tenet”.

My first film of my first Hooptober! Keep that in mind: I am pretty excited, which probably influenced my enjoyment of „Cube 2: Hypercube”. The other thing it was influenced by is the fact that I saw „Cube” (the first one) when I was… fifteen? So, eleven years ago..? I do not remember much. Although I did think: „Huh, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what happened in the first one” when the film started. Basically, this was like a completely separate movie experience for me, not really something I viewed as a sequel.

All of this is to say that when „Cube 2: Hypercube” started, I have to admit, I kind of loved it. Strangers trapped somewhere, isolated, forced to work together, might be my favourite trope of all time. I thought that the initial design of the cube was pretty cool. And the minimal special effects and the camera work were quite effective. I thought: „This is great! I’m having so much fun!”

But then, the film’s higher budget started to show. And that is a BAD thing and if you don’t believe me, scroll down other reviews. This is a 2002 horror and I think we all know the quality of 2002 CGI. Yeah. And it’s a shame because, like I said, the cube itself looks good! The other technical thing I mentioned, the camera work also started to bother me at one point because the constant spinning gave me motion sickness.

Overall, I had high hopes when the film began, it ended up not living up to the hype (I created myself, for myself), but honestly? I still think it most mostly good. Although if you want a horror movie about a group of strangers trapped in an elaborate puzzle-like construction, I recommend last year’s „Escape Room” which is more fun and has more likable characters.

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