A History of Violence ★★★★½

An intense, brutal, and captivating meditation on violence, it's consequences, and the Darwinian aspect of it which exists within us all. Violence ion this film is infrequent, but shocking, brutal, and very realistic when it occurs. The realism of it is what gives it so much impact. Nothing is sugar-coated. The same can be said about the sex as well. It doesn't always look comfortable, but the realism and the emotional weight of it all elevate things to such an extent that forgetting things will be difficult. The acting is wonderful. Mortensen turns ina brilliant performance, the first of two such performances for Cronenberg. Ed Harris is really creepy, Bello gives a much better performance than it may initially seem, and William Hurt, despite chewing the scenery to a ridiculous degree, is also quite memorable. I highly recommend this

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