Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★½

While Wes Craven's follow up to the original Scream doesn't quite pack the same power as the previous entry, there's still plenty here to enjoy.
Continuing the post modern, nod and wink attitude which Craven arguably began with New Nightmare, this deconstructs the horror sequel, opening up its inards and messily playing around with them.
We have a supporting cast of actors, many of whom have gone on to become well known faces, all being stalked and slashed by old Ghostface in his usual, clumsy style, while all the returning characters have grown into their roles extremely well.
The only negative aspect is that this world was already so well established and raw, the iconic moments from Scream so effective, that the set pieces here do somewhat pale in comparison.
However this is still an enjoyably bloody sequel that fulfils its remit with wit and excitement.

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