Enola Holmes ★★★½

First and foremost, thank you Netflix for letting teen characters be played by actual teenagers. Millie Bobby Brown has a great potential for being an effective comedic actress. Sam Clafin, Helena Boneham Carter and Henry Cavill (this took me at least half the film to convince myself he's fit as Mr. Sherlock Holmes) are good supports too. Beautiful visual effects, costume and set designs as well. Over all, Enola Holmes is a cute pseudo-detective film that has great potential. Cute, as it would do, but there's a lot of mishaps. The search for both Eudoria and the Viscounts' disappearance could've been tied tighter, the solving mystery part smarter and shouldn't have just relied on code solving. A steep decline on quality was heavily felt as well, when the identity of who wants the viscount killed was revealed. And there's just way too many fourth wall breaks it's tacky.
These errors are forgivable though, especially if Netflix decide to make Enola Holmes a franchise.

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