The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

The Devil All The Time boasts an assemble of Hollywood A-listers to connect generations worth of history in a redneck setting. The mock thriller style of this film excelled in setting a taut tone across all the characters’ perpectives. 

Over piousness and delusional faith seemed to be the film’s major themes. Still, I’m baffled with the real message - that fanaticism is itself a form of spirtual mockery? Acting wise, the main runners are Tom Holland who embraced the darkness of his character and Bill Skarsgård who shined too. Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson seemed lost and gnarled as Sebastian Stan underperformed.

Overall, The Devil All The Time is an upsetting and cruel watch, not due to lack of quality, but mainly just being a shell of it’s own contrivances. A slow burn effect that eventually felt too sluggish.

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