tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★½

I was never really fond of musicals so I struggled to appreciate the first half of Tick, Tick...Boom. This Lin Manuel Miranda directorial debut focused on the creative struggles and personal crises of a playwright, illuminated by a theatrical performance by Andrew Garfield. This musical is energetic, personal and dynamic. The supports did well too. The tender parts of the plot worked - for better or worse.

However, the LGBTQ representation focusing on trauma instead of their contribution to theater is a tough sell. Also, I don't like the songs (this is just me, cause like I said, musicals were never my forte.) Vanessa Hudgens' Karessa was plonked to our screens out of nowhere without being established first.

All in all, Tick, Tick...Boom is a good movie - stellar to fans of theater musicals, perhaps. But for casual viewers, it would be understandable why depsite the buzz, this film only got an acting and editing Oscar noms.

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