• The King's Man

    The King's Man


    Fun ridiculous or just plain ridiculous - either could sum up action comedy The King’s Man, a prequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service.

    Here, a peace loving nobleman uses a network of spies (and his connection to aristocracy) to end World War 1. Non-Westerners with limited knowledge of historical events may just scratch their heads in confusion or irritation. Problem is, director Matthew Vaughn assumed this film and its story to be smarter than its merits. The King’s Man is tonally confused as…

  • Moana



    What more can you ask for in a progressive animated film - in Moana, you got a determined female protagonist with no romantic delusions, smashing original song numbers, noteworthy message of celebrating culture, and pretty visual effects. The plot is well-written too, centering on a local chieftain’s daughter who journeyed to return a stolen gem to goddess Te Feti. Add these strengths to a quick runtime, characters who all contributed to fortify the plot, and beaming sense of humor -…

  • Respect



    First of all, big props to Jennifer Hudson for her A+ attempt to emulate and walk in the shoes of the great Aretha Franklin. Miss Hudson brought a remarkable acting performance and she was also incredible in the singing portions of this musical drama based on the Queen of Soul’s life. Acting wise, Respect easily achieved what it set to do, aided by nimble supports from Forest Whitaker, Audra McDonald, small bits from Mary J. Blige, and a very serious…

  • Pachyderm



    Pachyderm is the most harrowing of the 2024 Oscar nominated shorts, about a girl’s memory of childhood with her grandparents. This subtle confession of innocence taken; of abuse done by people who should’ve been the narrator’s protectors is just heartbreaking and haunting. Pachyderm has no standout scene in an almost lyrical storytelling so serene and quiet that it’s almost unbelievable how the film is about trauma and its lasting effects. And to have a story delivered less explicitly nor graphic and…

  • WAR IS OVER! Inspired by the Music of John and Yoko

    WAR IS OVER! Inspired by the Music of John and Yoko


    War Is Over! is like All Quiet On The Western Front if it was animated and a little dumb.

    The plot of soldiers from opposing sides using a carrier pigeon as messenger to relay chess moves is too small scale to deliver its obvious anti war ambitions. Though the visuals and animation style is pretty and seeing the bird dart between aerial bombs can be affecting (edge of your seat thriller if you ask me), War is Over! felt too…

  • American Fiction

    American Fiction


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    One of the best satirical movies in recent years!
    American Fiction ticked off everything viewers hoped for in a satire, and more - the way it laughed pointedly at the haughtiness and hypocrisy of both critics and the academia alike, to how the script pointedly mocks people’s habit of consumption is just brillant. American Fiction is emphatic but truthful, smart yet entertaining, and with clear understanding of the message it sells. One can’t help but agree everytime this film flips…

  • Our Uniform

    Our Uniform


    At a very quick runtime, Our Uniform managed to be captivating, with a unique animation method used to create beautiful images. Using fashion to capture the story’s essence is a smart nod. Add that to a tongue-in-cheek storytelling and dazzling colors to creatively send the message across. 

    However, the message itself is a little too stiff. Ok, so the Iranian narrator had to wear hijab at school and dreamt of traveling to places where she can assert freedom… and then?…

  • Letter to a Pig

    Letter to a Pig


    What a weak start to Oscar Nominated shorts. 

    Given, the first half of Letter To A Pig is intriguing and packed, about a man recounting his escape from Nazis when he was a child. With unique animation style of combining drawings and real footages, this short stood out amongst its competitors. 

    But Letter To A Pig lost its luster due to muddled messages and weak presentation of trauma and history. A mix of metaphors that continued swirling only for the think pieces to be unclear.

  • Midnight Sun

    Midnight Sun


    A doomed relationship between sick girl and boy of her dreams is proven effective in cinema before, but something about Midnight Sun makes it an unconvincing romantic movie.

    Midnight Sun suffers from too many cinematic affliction - characters lacking depth, subplots that brought nothing remarkable to the main story, cheesy dialogue and pacing issues (considering the runtime). This is a cliched viewing experience from top to bottom, so rest assured all tired tropes from the teen romance genre is present. …

  • Luca



    Coming-of-age fantasy adventure film Luca is another Pixar win. This film about a young sea monster who dreams of acquiring a Vespa is rich in themes like the importance of individuality, friendship, and going for your dreams against the tide. Technically, the visuals are outstandingly detailed and the chosen plot location is perfect. The voice acting from the cast is impeccable too while the scoring is eargasm-ic. Villain Ercole is also effective written as an irritating character . 

    My small…

  • Before Sunset

    Before Sunset


    The best Valentine’s Day watch ❤️❤️

    Before Sunset is the heartwarming sequel to the hit Before Sunrise, where Jesse and Celine reunite 9 years after meeting in Vienna. Seeing them together will light little sparks in viewers hearts, as Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy possess a magnificent chemistry together. Their charm and overall charisma empowers the plot as it progress

    The conversations flow naturally, allowing a single night’s effects and repercussions mold lives after all these years. Celine and Jesse…

  • Rustin



    Rustin details the effort of activist Bayard Rustin as he faces racism and homophobia while organizing a monumental 1960s march. This mini-biopic has Colman Domingo as its shining hero, giving a gripping, sensational and formidable performance as the main character. He dominated scenes and was sympathetic enough to sustain commitment on the film even on its weaker moments. No wonder he’s up for an Oscar for Best Actor. Sadly, Chris Rock drowned on the theatrics of both Coleman and their…