• The Game

    The Game


    The best thing about The Game is that you never know what's going to happen next. Every sequence is unpredictable as director Fincher gave us blindside after blindside after blindside. Though some development are too implausible, Michael Douglas' performance is so enigmatic and controlled he's a force to watch. The good casting choice ensured that viewers will have something to hold on to, as lead character Nicholas would feel hallow if given to lesser calculated actor. Sean Penn is a…

  • Maid in Malacañang

    Maid in Malacañang

    Wala nang papanget pa

  • Castle in the Sky

    Castle in the Sky

    Castle in the Sky is probably Ghibli's most brutal and mature serving. As if directed by Michael Bay, this animated movie is an explosion extravaganza and gun firing mayhem from beginning to end. It takes effort to feel even an ounce of carefree magic Ghibli usually supplies. Castle in the Sky features child abuse, kidnapping, incompetent government, police brutality and old men simping over young Sheeta. And let's not start on the death count. And this is supposed to be…

  • Grace of Monaco

    Grace of Monaco

    Nicole Kidman is ever dependable in the acting category, but her strength was wasted on Grace of Monaco. The focus of classic Hollywood actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly's life is simply weak. You have two facets blended together by history itself - royal glamour and celebrity life - surely, something more involving or intriguing could've been used as a selling point than the chosen plot. Grace of Monaco excelled in visual stylings (cinematography, set design and make-up), but as the credits roll viewers will be left craving for answers and a dramatic jolt that this biopic wasn't able to supply.

  • The Host

    The Host


    Polished and well edited, I'm amazed with the cinematography and atmosphere build up of Bong Joon-Ho's The Host. Bae Doona's portrayal of her character is out-of-the-ordinary and she excelled in her scenes. The fusion of sci-fi, family drama, satire and political commentary is masterfully done - adding a layer to what could've been just a standard monster film. Another Asian win!

  • Apocalypto



    "I saw a hole in the Man... deep like a hunger he will never fill. It is what makes him sad and what makes him want. He will go on taking and taking... until one day the World will say: 'I am no more, and I have nothing left to give to you' "

    Deeply immersive and with storytelling worthy to be labeled as epic, Apocalypto is rich, full and commanding. Mel Gibson's ditection is frank and imaginative. Apocalypto is…

  • Emma.



    Emma. is a delightful romantic period comedy based from a Jane Austen novel. Each framing is a wonder; with well executed color grading, and lavish set and costume design all throughout. Hollywood darling Anya Taylor Joy unsurprisingly shined in this retelling, offering an inspired performance that's both sweet and coy. The array of supports from Netflix stars (we've people from The Crown, End of the F*cking World & Sex Education) added to the charm too. But while Emma. is quirky and sugary, director Autumn de Wilde obviously placed more emphasis on style over substance - unable to translate Austen's material depth onscreen.

  • Katips



    KATIPS: an unbiased review

    -Adelle Ibarientos as Alet, in both acting and singing. She delivered just the right amount of conviction, vulnerability and screen presence. Love her!
    -The song Manhid is very deserving of the FAMAS Best Original Song win
    - Almost all of the characters were utilized and each actors were given screentime to shine, individually or as a group.
    - Katips is good when the script is not trying to be grand and loud. The spoken…

  • Ted


    Didn't you know Lori and John have been together for four years? They mentioned it for, like, 50 times.

    Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy trademark is all over Ted like some nasty wall dirt you can't get rid off. For better or worse, some scenes worked hilariously (good natured man-childs will love this) while others deserve a deadpan expression. The storytelling managed to prolong the originality of the premise until Ted almost ran out of ideas by switching to a kidnapping arc. Acting wise, Mila Kunis did surprisingly better than Mark Whalberg. Overall, Ted is a slacker comedy perfect for a day of getting stoned.

  • Toy Story 3

    Toy Story 3


    Toy Story 3 is that animation masterpiece that will pull the rug from underneath you - an unpredictable watch that ends emotionally it will destroy viewers.

    Woody, Buzz and the gang return 9 years later just as Andy is off to college. The toys then get mistakenly sent to a kids center where life is different from what they're used to. Toy Story 3 showcased impeccable animation for its time, spirited voice acting, well-explained character motives, great character design, a…

  • Child's Play

    Child's Play


    Chucky's original outing in Child's Play is a playful taste. Considering this horror comedy is at less than 90mins, the first act felt overlong and dragged. Chucky's mischiefs started way too late too, and I got confused if the storytelling is making viewers wonder if Chucky is really alive or if young protagonist Andy is capable of murder.

    Everything improved the moment Chucky came to life. The instant changes in his facial expressions are unnerving - an attribute the practical…

  • Still Alice

    Still Alice


    What a horrible disease to go thru. Still Alice is a personal and touching presentation of how Alzheimers affected a family. While it may not be her best, Julianne Moore gave an honest performance as the titular character, supported by an array of stars in multilayered roles (Kristen Stewart did great!). Alice was stripped in front of us, and such a delicate subject is handled with care worthy of attachment.

    But as stated, Juliane wasn't able to bring her A…