The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★

Well…wow. That was…hmph. A24 definitely has a type. They either make something amazing, something bizarre, or something amazingly bizarre. This I suppose is of the amazingly bizarre type. I mean Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson certainly gave it their all with their performances. I cannot fault them one bit for that. Visually, the film is beautiful. Shot in a 4x3 aspect ratio with a gray scale color pallet. It really brings back the style of vintage cinema but breathes modern life into it with it via its story and creative liberties. I loved the camera work and how the shadows really sold the tone. Something like this would never have been made in the prime age of this style. This film was so dark and menacingly twisted. Much like other A24 films it ends leaving you stumped and genuinely baffled at what just happened. That’s not to say the story is difficult to follow, but rather there is a lot of heavy symbolism that is meant to be picked apart and analyzed in every scene. There were scenes that made laugh and some that throughly disgusted me. One of my favorite parts about this film was how they portrayed the work Robert Pattinson’s character did. It felt arduous and exhausting just by watching it. They made you believe that what he did was painstakingly difficult and not worth the effort. So all in all, this went about how I expected it to be. Started off really intriguing, introduced some darker elements that piqued my curiosity, climaxed in something completely bewildering, and ended leaving me wondering what in the world just happened. Certainly worth the watch.

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