Suspiria ★★★★

Watched in the cinema

I've just come straight out of the cinema and I am a bit overwhelmed to arrange my thoughts on this reinterpretation. But the film is simply too complex and has too many levels that can be analysed in page-long texts.

I loved the movie because it's not just a remake, it's an independent work. It focuses on very different aspects and does not pull the tension out of the mystery of what is going on in this ballet school. That it is a coven, is quickly clear. Rather, as an open-minded consumer, I wondered what the political level, the disturbing dream sequences and the identities of some characters are all about. Admittedly, there are some referencing scenes that make little sense to someone who has not seen the original (counting steps).

There are some really disturbing, violent scenes that I rarely saw in their graphic vividness. The first dance scene and the artificial final are unique in their cruel brilliance.

Tilda Swinton is such an incredible actress. She dominates every scene. And if you look closely: she can be seen in almost every scene in the film. Dakota Johnson and Mia Goth share the lead roles somehow. I liked both of them. Especially for Dakota Johnson, I am pleased that after all the malice and ridicule for 50 Shades of Grey, she seems to follow a similar career path as Kristen Stewart: Arthouse films and generally not mainstream.

Because this is Suspiria (2018): an art-house film that puts every lover of easily consumable films before insoluble tasks. A few spectators left the show even before the first dance scene.

Even the original ( ) is far less bulky, easier to consume and more digestible. Nevertheless, it is a fascinating curiosity cabinet, which gave me some unforgettable moments. You can tell the two and a half hours somehow, but I've asked myself in several places how much time could have passed already. Not because I was bored, but because the movie is timeless in a strange way. I can not explain it better. After one hour, 30 or 90 minutes might as well have passed.

The film definitely belongs in my collection and I'm looking forward to see the movie several times with and without the audio commentary of the director.

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