Wimbledon ★★★

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With heart to victory.

There's something to it - it's not for nothing that mental training with tennis professionals is part of it. Why not the elation of being freshly in love?

Anyway, it's that turbo that gets Paul Bettany to the Wimbledon final, even though he only entered the tournament with a wild card. Spoiled? If you don't know that from the beginning, you've never seen a Feelgood-RomCom before.

Kirsten Dunst is a dogged tennis ace and Sam Neill is her coach and father, who has no sense for distraction by romance.

Yes, predictable, overconstructed, superficial, and the story can't be called imaginative. But 'Wimbledon' (in German equipped with the addition "Spiel, Satz und Liebe"-Game, Set and Love) has the right ingredients for harmless entertainment that makes you happy and goes to your heart with its strong cast (among others James McAvoy, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, John Favreau or cameos by real tennis players like John McEnroe) and its likeable mood.