Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation ★★★★★

Lost in Translation's intimate exploration of loneliness and melancholy is the most honest and human in all of cinema. While the film's success in exploring these themes is due largely to Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson's remarkably meditative performances (which I believe to be the best of both their careers), Coppola's hypnotic direction and Acord's dreamy cinematography enrich both characters through their depiction of the film's Japanese settings, which are used to delve even deeper into each character's sense of isolation. The film, despite its thick tone of melancholy, is incredibly humorous in a way that is true to life and, against all odds, never feels as though it is in conflict with the film's themes. Although I am sure some will find the film mildly disconcerting, it is, nonetheless, perfectly introspective.