Midsommar ★★★★½

WELL, THAT WAS INTENSE!!!! Saw #Midsommar 4 days ago and I havent been able to say anything about it... I just couldnt... I was digesting it... It is not an easy film to digest... If you have 4 burgers one night, you would take some time to digest it too, right?

This is not a movie. This is an experience.
Ari Aster delivers again (perhaps the only filmmaker that will have films on my top list of 2018 AND 2019, two years in a row!) giving us, once again, one of the strongest, wildest, craziest, boldest films of the year! A beautiful, haunting and disturbing wild ride no one will ever forget, and perhaps the most sadistic break-up movie ever made!

But, you should know upfront this is NOT the kind of movie you expect... This is NOT a horror movie... And I don´t mean this as in "its more elevated horror, more arthouse horror", like some people say about #Hereditary or #TheWitch (for me, those where really scary psychological horror movies, period.), NO, this time, this is really NOT a horror movie... I would call it just a dark drama... a VERY dark and sick drama... Nothing wrong with that... Extremely stylised, cinematic and masterfully crafted, just like #Hereditary (again, its really sooo delicious to see a movie so well directed and shot, with so many examples of amazing storytelling, few people shooting like Ari Aster these days), #Midsommar has perhaps one of the strongest openings I have seen in a movie, ever... Then, it takes a while to land, but thats a huge part of its charm and atmosphere, so even that is very appreciated... Personally, I have to admit I found some missed opportunities in the third act (perhaps I loved these characters and their conflicts so much that I wanted to see even more of them, or to have their conflicts taken to a more extreme place before the much awaited resolution), and Aster seemed more focused on the aesthetics / atmosphere than on the characters on that final act (which is odd, as the movie was all about the characters on its first act)... still, as a whole, this movie has so many great cinematic moments that few other films this year will leave you more emotionally drained!

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