Possessor ★★★★½

WOW!!!! Its just delicious when you see a picture where ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING seems like a choice. Every location, every set, every prop. Every piece of wardrobe. Every camera movement, every frame and every cut, all planned by its director. We dont get that many movies like that these days, so director-driven, with such an uncompromising director’s vision. 

The whole film feels like a lucid psychedelic nightmare. Super stylized and ultra violent and gory, this is like the freaky, artsy, moody, bloody and less-detail oriented version of INCEPTION or AVATAR, and although its absolutely clear that director Brandon Cronenberg is way more interested in the visuals, in the atmosphere, in the form we could say, than in exploring its rich high concept, story and characters fully, the visuals he has created together with DP Karim Hussain are indeed so shocking, so ground-breaking (those impressive visual passages!!! if Lynch and Cronenberg ever made a movie together, this would be it) that I absolutely dont mind them taking center stage. 

Also, those visuals are not just there to shock you. In the end, they do make for a perfectly round character and story arc thats way darker and more fucked-up than you initially thought, that might actually be the most disturbing, controversial thing of this great acid-filled sci-fi body horror filled with profound and polemic ideas at its core, and once those scenes get under your skin, they will never leave you. 

Definitely one of the best movies of 2020 (on my top 5 so far!!!) Check it out everywhere this week!!! And if you are in North America, make sure to watch the uncut version that truly respects its director’s vision.

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