Grounded: Making The Last of Us ★★★★★

ok so even though I don't think anyone cares to hear this I have to get this off my chest. *clears throat*

this game series is beautiful, the first one is, of course, a masterpiece. Making you become invested in this bond and relationship in a post-apocalyptic setting, that ending is gripping in its hope with underlying themes of misery. Presenting our protagonist with a world-threatening decision, but making you sympathise with him in contrast to beginning UGHHH it broke me. Shattered me, I wasn't crying but my heartfelt HEAVY. These two characters mean a lot to me, and I'm not the biggest gamer but I swear by this storyline, to the pint where I will highly recommend it (almost force it lol) in anyone, gamer or not. (ew I cringed when writing that sorry).

And now with the sequel out, without a doubt, the most controversial game of the year, and probably will remain that way for the decade, (if you don't believe me go on Metacritic it's insane). Although the first one is beautiful and is without a doubt objectively better, it's the second one that had me sobbing. I think about this and it makes my heart HEAVY, like sinking. This came at a perfect time in my life, I recently lost someone important to me, and although I can't say I have been taken on a journey of revenge I sympathised a lot with the objective, even if it wasn't ethical. And the ending fight scene! Oh my god, I was literally sobbing for the entirety of the fight scene when THat cut happened. Ughhh I could barely play the game yikes I was a mess! And then the very end was so depressing my goodness but I like it when games remind me that life is horrid and cruel, and that's only heightened in a post-apocalyptic world! Anyways life is crazy, how're you? Sorry, I'm tired, definitely will be editing this later but I hope you get what I mean. Experience this somehow and then report back to so we can cry together! Crying is fun!

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