• Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    glad i finally watched it

  • Miss Saigon: 25th Anniversary

    Miss Saigon: 25th Anniversary


    holy fucking shit. how i never managed to watch this all the way through surprises me because i literally have no words!!! not very many musicals (or films for that matter) have effected me like the way this has. the music of this show is fucking incredible like- i don't even have the words to describe how beautiful the music is. aside from the music eva noblezada gives a performance of a lifetime that is a masterclass in acting and singing. again, not many works of art, visual or otherwise, compare to this.

  • Moonrise Kingdom

    Moonrise Kingdom


    robbed of cinematography nom

  • The Spectacular Now

    The Spectacular Now


    cute and sad

  • Misery



    all i have to say is kathy bates

  • Girl, Interrupted

    Girl, Interrupted


    i miss brittany murphy so much

  • Closer



    natalie's performance helped the eh writing

  • Fatal Attraction

    Fatal Attraction


    was a tiny bit dissapointed

  • Monster



    charlize theron invents acting!

  • Gone with the Wind

    Gone with the Wind


    "What a gentleman says and what a gentleman thinks are two different things"

    I don't know if I loved Vivien's performance or Scarlet's character but probably both.

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


    the scene where tuco uses the train to break the handcuffs is funny

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Lawrence of Arabia


    good film minus the blackface