It’s horrible and beautiful.”

I failed. I gave into temptation.

Ever since the trailer had been released, I was aware that a leak of the original script had been floating around online, but why would I read that shit? I don’t want to spoil the whole movie for myself, a movie I’ve been hugely anticipating since its’ announcement? I had been doing well avoiding it up until today, where my curiosity got the best (worst?) of me, and I read all 118 pages of the original draft. I’m gonna just list all of my SPOILER FREE thoughts on the script:

-*in Goofy’s voice* what in the fu-HYUCK
-if general audiences didn’t like Hereditary, they will likely loathe this one.
-I actually don’t really regret reading it? It was a lot of fun to read from start to finish, and I cannot fucking wait to see this chaos unfold on screen in a couple months.
-you guys have no idea what you’re in for. If you thought Hereditary had some fucked up imagery, Midsommar just took a baseball bat to its kneecaps and called it a pussy.
-since I was just simply reading the storyline and dialogue, it didn’t leave any huge emotionally terrifying impact on me or anything, but I fully believe that Ari Aster can deliver on creating an intense and visceral experience while bringing this deeply weird script to life.
-I can’t wait to hear what the score sounds like
-keep in mind, the script has been reworked and tweaked a bit since this original draft, so idk how much the final product will differ.

Will be happy to answer any spoiler free questions.

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