Days of Heaven

Days of Heaven ★★★★½

PART OF "Terrence Malick RANKED" :) 

The nature cutaways that have become a staple of ‘Malick-mocking’ are absolutely vital in Days Of Heaven, with the wider world both conveying the unspoken human emotions and staying firmly indifferent. The love triangle is kept at a distance, dwarfed by the changing of seasons, rustling of fields and swarming of locusts, until long-held tensions rise to the surface with the clumsy swing of a torch, which in turn forces nature to retaliate, surrounding the characters’ fiery-yet-distant emotions with all-too-immediate fire (in a moment that ranks among the most visually spectacular ever filmed). Definitely not my favourite Malick, but you could make a strong case for it being his best. 9/10 

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