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  • Orgazmo



    So I watched this last night on my laptop and made it about halfway through before I started gettin sleepy and went to bed.

    This morning I brought my laptop into work and opened it up to extremely loud moaning and groaning of a morbidly obese woman being pleasured by Orgazmo and Choda Boy. I don't think I'll ever close my laptop as rapidly ever again.

    Anyhoo, pretty okish comedy. I personally enjoy South Park, Cannibal The Musical and Team…

  • Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol

    Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol


    The first three films are legit pretty funny but part 4 is where the series starts to take a decline in quality. It's just not quite as clever, silly or as fun as the earlier entries.

    It's nice to see these characters again but its starting to feel they've kinda overstayed their welcome a little bit.

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  • Almost Human

    Almost Human


    One of the nastiest, most mean spirited and gritty trashy 70s crime films I've ever seen. That being said I enjoyed it a lot. Im just starting to dip my toes into 70s Italian crime films but I can tell this is one of the best.

  • The Stand

    The Stand


    Not a bad show so far. I will admit I prefer the novel and the original miniseries more but this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Hopefully the rest of the series continues to deliver.

    My only complaint is that it feels too much like a standard modern CBS show as opposed to the massive classic post apocalyptic epic that I wanted. I feel like the show would have been better suited for HBO where it could…