The Hours ★★★★

No matter what year it is, what century it is, or what time time of day it is, it's sad to say that depression, anxiety and suicide will never cease to exist.

Three very serious subjects that are hardly ever used in films but The Hours perfectly uses depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts as a pedestal for 3 separate stories, portrayed by a magnificent cast, as well as the strong female leads.

What amazed me the most was the perfect blend for all the stories, told together in chronological order. Although the stories are during different times, each character has their own equivalent source of sadness for each of their own lives.

It's sad from beginning to end and the way it mirrors the Mrs. Dalloway story with the film itself is wonderfully done, it's sad just watching it.

Overall, it's a great film and if one thing is for sure, I need to read more of Virginia Woolf's stories.

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