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  • Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals
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  • Mail Order Murder: The Story Of W.A.V.E. Productions

    Mail Order Murder: The Story Of W.A.V.E. Productions


    I'm about to start working on the score for a new WAVE film very soon, which I'm really excited about. As a big wave fan, I owed it to myself to watch this not just for being a fan but I guess now for directly working with Gary on his new film (Starring Debbie D! What a fucking dream my life is becoming this year!!)

    This was clearly made with so so so much love. Nobody has a bad thing…

  • Compulsion



    I will never expect anybody to understand why this movie holds such a special and important place in my heart because it is absolute trash, I won't deny it. It's funny the things we can create attachment to through small character moments or vague ideas, and since this movie refuses to truly elaborate on the darker themes it touches on, you can only relate to it through projection of self.

    The movie itself is kinda whatever, Heather Graham camps up…

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  • Asylum



    There are over fifteen movies on Letterboxd called Asylum and I just had to watch this one

    If you put Ghosts of Mars, Underworld and REC in a blender with a lethal amount of sleeping pills, you would get this movie

    Which btw that is not an endorsement bc I read that again and honestly who doesn't want exactly that? Maybe this is accidentally going to make someone watch this movie, and for that I am not that sorry but I'll pretend I am to virtue signal, so yeah really sorry about that! :(

  • Dark Circles

    Dark Circles


    Remember in Fallout 4 when they forced you to be a mother and wife before you'd even finished creating your character and you grew to really hate them bc you were burdened with them and never even wanted them to begin with? And then you were forced to deal with that storyline for hours and hours and hours even if you avoided the main storyline quests to do random stuff, because no matter what happened that was the story of…

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