Sonic: Christmas Blast

Sonic: Christmas Blast ★★

I feel like Robotnik Claus trying to steal every single present in the city is indicative of some serious psychological issues that we should probably take into account before judging?

Not defending him at all but maybe if someone got him a cheap pair of socks and said he was handsome, he wouldn't be so aggressively consumerist? Don't get me wrong, I love consuming, I had breakfast while I watched this, but Robotnik probably just needs a little love and care for Christmas, maybe he has no family? Who is looking out for the villains?

Actually I don't even like him, but don't forget It's Christmas so be nice to people and remember not everyone has something to look forward to! It's okay to be gloomy and It's okay to be merry, just don't ruin it for everyone else!

Merry Christmas Letterboxd!!