There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood ★★★★

The June Challenge - Film #1

2007 was a great year for film. Indie films became more prevalent with Juno winning Best Original Screenplay, some great comedies were released, such as Hot Fuzz and Superbad, and we got three big contenders for the best film of that year: The Coen Brothers' No Country For Old Men, The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, and There Will Be Blood. Plus we got a new David Fincher film, Zodiac, and a new Quentin Tarantino film, Death Proof.

After watching this film, I have officially completed Paul Thomas Anderson's filmography. It has been full of laughter, with films like Punch-Drunk Love and gut-wrenching emotions, with films like Magnolia. He's a very talented director who has a great track record of films that I hold dear to my heart and now I can say with all the fiber in my body that There Will Be Blood is his magnum opus, his best film, next to Magnolia of course.

Family, death, power, religion, spirituality, and greed are the words that should come to one's mind when describing There Will Be Blood. The first 15 minutes of the film has no dialogue at all, which will obviously turn off some people, but captivated me from the get-go. There Will Be Blood is one of those films that sticks with you and is a constant reminder that cinema is my favorite art form, since it can blend other art forms very well, when executed correctly, which it is here.

Daniel Day-Lewis brings the malicious oil prospector Daniel Plainview to life and gives a performance that is nothing short of outstanding. All of his lines are delivered perfectly and every single word kept me hanging on a thread, wondering if he was going to flip out. I just couldn't take my eyes off of him whenever he was on screen. Paul Dano's classic performance as the local preacher, Eli Sunday, who wants to use Plainview to gain power and ultimately become the town elder when everything is said and done. But as the film goes on, both of them become increasingly greedy and the residents of the town that Plainview has been digging oil at get greedy and it all goes downhill from there.

While There Will Be Blood is amazing story-wise and performance-wise, it is also great on a technical level. The cinematography is incredible and is filled to the brim with colors and camerawork that I could watch for days. The score, which was done by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, is beautiful and haunting at the same time, making me want to listen to the score as soon as the film ended. Paul Thomas Anderson's direction is at his absolute best here and I couldn't get enough of this film.

There Will Be Blood is intriguing and breathtaking from the first shot to the closing sequence and has to be one of my favorite films of all time.