Favorite films

  • West Side Story
  • Johnny Guitar
  • Frances Ha
  • Sherlock, Jr.

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  • Throne of Blood

  • Pillow Talk

  • Perfect Blue

  • The House

Recent reviews

  • Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane was one of the first movies I watched back when I first became interested in classic film- I was about 11 or 12, so a decade ago. I was dorky kid who loved lists, and so used the AFI Top 100 Movies as a guideline.

    As a kid, I didn't know how to find movies online to watch, so I relied on DVDs. Luckily for me there were 2 specific stores- Americanas and Saraiva in my local (brazilian)…

  • Kansas City Princess

    Kansas City Princess


    Rose + Marie + Dynamite + Junior = the poly couple I never knew I needed.

Popular reviews

  • Sylvia Scarlett

    Sylvia Scarlett


    A girl becomes a boy and is not sure whether to become a woman. Sylvia Scarlett needn't be either male or female- they just are. and that's wonderful. What an incredibly complex, ambivalent, deeply flawed yet delightful work.

  • An American in Paris

    An American in Paris

    This is a hard one for me to write about. The characters aren't really characters, the romance has no meat in it, and Leslie Caron just completely lacks confidence as an actress- although she shows justified self-assurance in her ballet performances, which are unfortunately limited to just two occasions. The numbers are well-made but par for the course for a 1951 Freed unit musical- the exception being, of course, the astounding 18 minute sequence which closes the film. When the…