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  • Mank


    Mank ain't dank, whole bunch of wank
    dry paint on a plank, gotta be frank
    like an old, lank crank shooting blank
    Fincher is I guess who I have to thank

    There, I input my MANK pun. Can we stop making this a meme now?

    In all sincerity, I used to despise phrases in reviews where a film is described as "pretty but hollow". Back when I was merely an amateur film snob, I always conclude that critics pass it…

  • Hillbilly Elegy

    Hillbilly Elegy


    Yea I know, everything you heard about this movie strikes true. HILLBILLY ELEGY sucks ass; a wildly out-of-touch, unintentionally hilarious collection of Oscar clips and actresses who really should be doing better. It’s all bark and no bite, literally everything wrong with the mindset of how movies win Oscars. Essentially a worse version of GLASS CASTLE, it attempts and fails to analyze the generational gap between abusive upbringings and what we’ve built for ourselves outside of it.

    And yet, at…

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