Midsommar ★★★★★


I haven’t had an film experience this visceral in a long time. I genuinely felt like I couldn’t move when the credits rolled. This movie swept me away and gave me such a surreal, out of body experience. I was so sucked in and my eyes were glued to the screen. It was horrific and beautiful and I couldn’t leave I am in love with this movie. This is just a masterpiece. I know there’s so much going on in it that I definitely don’t understand, but I want to study this gem and explore all its themes and insanity. Ari Aster is just incredible. Believe it when I say this is immaculate filmmaking. His direction is just so flawless. This movie’s atmosphere is so natural and indescribable. The bright visuals and pretty color palette were stunning. The camera movement was so interesting and motivated and I just loved everything about the production. Just a gorgeous masterwork, as well as a traumatizing acid trip. This movie took me to a different universe, I’m not kidding. Florence Pugh has the best performance of the year so far. She is ungodly amazing in this movie. And the score? Magnificent. There were at least three sequences in this in which I genuinely felt both disgusted and amazed. I felt like I was dreaming. This movie is both a dream and a nightmare. The perfect blend. This is true horror for me. Movies like The Conjuring and others are cool, but movies like THIS are what I find truly horrifying. I am so unsettled and this movie will not be leaving my mind anytime soon. I wanna study so much into this masterpiece. I’m in love.

Also: the ending for this film is so great.

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