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This review may contain spoilers.

I'm speechless from this film. This is one of the best films I've ever seen. I was so stressed and anxious the entire film. If you haven't watched it I can't recommend it more especially if you love New York, drama, crime, and stress. It's even more chilling when you know everything in the film happened in actuality.
Also since this is going on my Pride Month list it was really awesome that this film showed a bi man being intimidating and also being married to a trans woman. I didn't know that was allowed in movies in the 1970s honestly. The viewers must have been really surprised because even I was in 2017.
(This was in the notes for my Pride Month list but I'm going to add it here too.) This is definitely the most unique film on my Pride Month list in terms of genre and time period. Many LGBT+ films are about LGBT+ characters but this film is different; it's about a character who happens to be bisexual. The film establishes who Sonny is and later establishes that he's bisexual. It's important to his motivation for robbing the bank, but not what much of what happens after. If viewers (especially in the 70s) came into the film knowing about him and Leon, they would be in a certain mindset about the film and characters. By revealing it later in the film, in the middle of everything else that's happening, viewers don't have much time to judge. This film is a well thought out masterpiece.

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