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  • The Boy and the Heron

    The Boy and the Heron


    How do you live without the most important person in your life? How do you live without looking past? Or let me ask the different way: How do you live with announcing your retirement two times and then going back to making films at the age of 82? Despite Miyazaki officially dedicated this film to his grandson I think this is his last love letter and goodbye to his mother.

    Also, an emotional and collective goodbye to his limitless world…

  • Poor Things

    Poor Things


    ''I'm something of a romantic myself.''

    He said it! He said the thing!!

    Considering the films with packaging ''feminism'' this year, such as Mattel's big toy ad Barbie and gutless Priscilla, Poor Things has an extra exciting feminist tale. A daring, clever and the funniest (?) feminist Frankenstein story. Easily Emma Stone' best performance. Words cannot tell how good she is. Sorry Lily Gladstone but Emma Stone is not just the best of the year, she gave the performance of…

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  • Mean Girls

    Mean Girls


    Here's a question for you Hollywood: Is it necessary that every single studio on this planet, um, remakes every single film that they have on every single thing that makes all at the same time? Is that… is that necessary? Um… Or to ask in a slightly different way, um, can… can anyone create the new material? Can… can anyone, any… any… any one, any single one, can any one… create the new material about anything– About any… any single…

  • Hard Times

    Hard Times


    Another banger from Walter Hill. Can't believe that this was his debut. So clean and very exciting. Simple, cool (like almost every Hill character) and a bit sad character study. Charles Bronson' screen charisma is the most appealing thing about this. Also, James Coburn was a blast. I really got exciting in fighting sequences and generally felt comfy and happy while watching it. Highly recommended.

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  • Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

    Scott Pilgrim Takes Off


    Ramona Flowers vs. the World

  • Burning Days

    Burning Days


    Emin Alper, Kurak Günler ile son 20 yılın bir özetini çizmiş. Mücadele edemediğimiz, çaresizce seyircisi olduğumuz ve değiştiremediğimiz kötülüklere duyulan bir öfkeyi ve harekete geçmeyi anlatıyor. Bunu da incelikli bir metin içinde lafını esirgemeden, net ve cesur bir şekilde yapıyor. Emin Alper, Abluka'da politik sinemasının ilk adımlarını atsa da burada çok daha güçlü bir metin, mühür oyunculuk performansları, dinamik bir kurgu, tedirgin edici müzikler, şahane bir sinematografi ve olgun bir yönetmenlikle karşımıza çıkmış.

    İlk kareden son kareye kadar gergin, çok…