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new englander. classic film fan. b-movie enthusiast

Favorite films

  • Tea and Sympathy
  • The Birds
  • Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
  • Night of the Living Dead

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  • The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made


  • The Philadelphia Story


  • The Party Crashers


  • The Scarecrow


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  • The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made

    The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made


    I love this doc. It features a great array of movies that are actually awful, and b-movie silly goodness. Like, there are a few films I’ve seen on this list that I LOVE- like Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster

    That said… I am starting a journey to watch all 50 films from this list, and then I guess I’ll rank them. :’) excited to potentially finds some gems in the pile

  • The Party Crashers

    The Party Crashers


    Bobby Driscoll is such a star (and off topic, a cutie), it’s such a shame his career and life were so short. He’s sympathetic, and you care about his character. 

    I watched this film because it features Gene Persson in a small, albeit important, role. Kind of a bummer he never got even one closeup though :’)

    The film is overall a bit messy and hollow at times. As a big enthusiast of 50s juvenile delinquent films, this is probably not in the top 50% in terms of quality. It’s not the worst, but definitely not the best.

Popular reviews

  • Wonka


    Let’s get it out of the way- I haaaaaaaaaaaaated this. Bad songs, bad acting, stupid humor… One star for costumes and being visually pleasing, but that’s it. Really don’t ever want to see this again.

  • Rear Window

    Rear Window


    I think this has my favorite dialogue out of all of Hitchcock’s movies. It’s brilliant. And I love movies that can do so much from one set/location… which I guess is why movies based on plays usually kick ass.