A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice ★★★★½

This film was so god damn adorable. The chemistry between the two leads were phenomenal and I really felt for both characters and their relationship. The score was beautiful although was sometimes used at inappropriate times. The animation is breathtaking. Not only is this a great film about bullying and coming to terms with your past, but it’s also an amazing piece about depression and suicide, those topics I thought were handled extremely well. The aspect of Ishida I thought was most fascinating was how he blocks out certain people in his life that he doesn’t like or thinks doesn’t like him. It really shows how truly self conscious he really is. I thought it was pretty clever how they used “X’s” over those certain people to show this. Overall this was an amazing film about fixing the past and enjoying the time you have on this earth with the people around you. It’s simply gorgeous. 9/10

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