Lady Bird ★★★

this details the struggle to preserve some kind of validation from a mother, which is by far the hardest to bear. But there is so much more to that, finding oneself before flying from the bird's nest is a constant dribble too, what with the dating disappointments (NO CHILL BTW OUCH), figuring out true companionship and ultimately, trial and error with college applications. Teenagehood I guess.

"Being successful doesn't mean you're happy" just tied the whole underlying theme together. Lady bird's mother certainly made her stamp with that line. And, with that, fastforwarding to the scene where Lady bird leaves that sincere voice message to her mom reveals that what truly made her happy was the love of a mother, not the prospect of studying at a New Yorkean college (her idea of success), nor partying or hook-ups and I think that is beautiful and Greta somehow wanted to transmit that soul-softening concept.

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