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This review may contain spoilers.

The last movie I watched in 2017 and I gotta say that I hoped it would be better. It is a good movie and it had some really cool scenes, like for example the silent explosion (which by the way was a little ruined by a guy who yawned in the cinema during that silence) and Rey and Kylo Ren fighting together. The cinematography in Snoke's red room was pretty great. And I loved Carrie Fisher and Laura Dern. But it doesn't feel as memorable to me as The Force Awakens. The different storylines was a bit over the place and it didn't feel like they led anywhere.

Even though Luke's last scene was beautifully shot and worked as a nice ending to his character, it felt too sudden and abrupt. His character arc didn't feel finished. I also thought he and Rey had lots of potential for their scenes together but it all felt flat to me. At least we got some scenes with him and R2.

And I don't know, Kylo Ren just isn't working as a proper villain to me. He was better in this movie than in The Force Awakens but I can't help think that he is a bit sad and annoying.

I know, I sound very critical but there were parts I enjoyed watching. Maybe it will be better on a rewatch.

Anyways, happy new year everyone!

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