Chungking Express

Chungking Express ★★★★★

there's so much i love about this movie.

i love how the first police officer calls every girl he knows in horny desperation.

i love how he calls his ex's mom just to chat and then asks, one-by-one, to speak to every member of her family. 

i love the idea that the conclusions you jump to about a stranger are often wildly off base. i love the intersection of a relatively pure person and a dangerous one. i love the idea of them falling in love.

i love the romantic ideal of sharing space with someone. not in a sexual way, but in an unspoken supportive way.

i love the setting of a shitty kebab shop and the notion that romance can blossom there. 

i love the way grief is explored and the implication that, although love can have an expiration date, so can grief.

i love getting to experience hyper-specific parts of a city that is completely foreign to me. 

but most of all, i love the way the movie explores the space between two strangers. 

a million stars.

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