Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby ★★★★½

at one of my old apartments, there was this guy i'd see hanging around a lot. he gave me the creeps, but i didn't think much of it. one time i saw him on my floor and i introduced myself saying "oh i live in 6C" assuming he lived there. he said "oh i know, i live in the apartment across the street." so basically he was saying he STARED IN MY WINDOW FROM ACROSS THE STREET AND RECOGNIZED ME AND WAS IN MY BUILDING ON THE 6TH FLOOR FOR SOME REASON? this movie gave me a similar feeling! 

as someone who has occasional struggles with low-level paranoia (probably tmi but whatever) this was absolutely terrifying. the isolation is hard. being absolutely convinced that your fears are true. knowing that if you tell someone that you'll be told you're crazy. and then the worst of all - when one of your fears comes true, thus validating the rest of your paranoia about everything else. scary stuff.

a mesmerizing slow burn with an outstanding payoff. i really liked it. john cassavetes handsome.

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