Lady Bird ★★★★★

but it’s the greatest

i find out if i get into one of my top colleges in a week. it’s my realistic top choice. i would prefer to go to nyu or usc, but i don’t have the grades that would be perferred. also schools like that don’t really want chronically ill kids, yet im hoping and praying and going through the hellish application, to probably be denied. i wholeheartly relate to lady bird on so many levels, falling for the cute bassist in a local band, screaming fights with my mother about colleges i shouldn’t be applying to yet i am, and acting extremely confident and honest. greta completely knacks the realism, the film being the most realistic depiction of high school (even down to the cringy moments we don’t wanna relive) perfectly. another beautiful thing about this film is the timing for this movie couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I cannot give this film any higher praise: the screenwriting is incredibly witty, the acting is impeccable, and surprisingly the editing was really amazing. so cheers to lady bird: my favorite film of 2017, and maybe of life.

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