No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★★½

"James, it’s a good life, isn’t it?”
“The best.”

I'm delighted to report NO TIME TO DIE rips at every fucking turn. This one really hit home for me & exceeded all my expectations. It does whatever it takes to deliver a satisfying & bittersweet finale to Daniel Craig’s James Bond. It has this totally perfect mix of Craig-era grit with old school camp. The whole thing is as sentimental as it is exhilarating, also any cheesiness feels well-earned. Cary Joji Fukunaga directs this film with passion & love for this series, liked all the references to the other Bond films. The movie looks heavenly, happy to see a big budget blockbuster that looks THIS beautiful. Loved the humour, you can actually spot the lines written by Phoebe Waller Bridge like they were circled in red. Billie Eilish snapped with that opening song.
Really evolved performance from Daniel Craig, the plot allowed him to dig into the emotional core of the character. Rami Malek's character felt underdeveloped, that's my main gripe with movie. And all of the hype you've heard about Ana de Armas is warranted. That Cuba portion absolutely shreds!!
The Craig era of Bond remains the best hands down.

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