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  • The Rocking Horsemen

    The Rocking Horsemen


    An utopia built on electricity, written words, and histories that stretch into the future; there is sadness and death, but there isn't a trace of malice here.

  • The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom

    The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom


    "The thinking was that if you can control the perceptions of the American people about events, then that would help you bring them on board. If they thought something was a huge threat to them, then they would react in support of a more aggressive policy."

    Timely doesn't even begin to describe this.

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  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    Let's leave aside the extravagant vanity and stupidity of this, a project that seems as much an excuse for Waititi to clown around in Führer cosplay as to indulge his worst and most juvenile tendencies: the twee coming-of-age story, the playful mocking that ultimately coalesces into love. Let's even excuse the utterly incoherent at best, downright fascistic approach to Nazism, which doesn't so much dismantle the very real and very dangerous ideology as it presents it baldly and plainly, hoping…

  • House



    From the Criterion description: “House might have been beamed to Earth from some other planet.”

    No. This is our world.