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This review may contain spoilers.

I think everyone is overreacting to this one a bit. People who are singing its praises as a brilliant deconstruction of the franchise are kind of over estimating how deconstructive it is to kill off a character, and people who are calling at some kind of an abomination that disrespects all that came before it are kind of over estimating the importance of a couple of not great scenes.

There's truth in both of those takes though. Killing off Snoke so abruptly after building him up as a grand emperor-like figure was a legitimately cool and subversive moment, and the moment where-in Leia pulls herself back to the ship like she's Superman was laughing-uncomfortably-loudly-in-the-cinema inducingly ludicrous.

But really, I don't know what else about this anyone would have such a strong hard-line reaction to. The argument that this is a brutal act of auteur-driven subversion from Johnson strikes me as pretty silly, considering that everyone who was actually really important to the plot had borderline hilarious levels of plot armour, and that the film had all the singular visual personality of a laboratory. The argument that this is an affront to the series that breaks all the rules... I mean, really? Aside from that afore mentioned moment, what about this is so radically different from anything in the original trilogy? Worse special effects? A pointless, terrible subplot?*

For me, it was just another quite-good-but-not-great Star Wars movie. And that we're already at that point where we can say "just another Star Wars movie" saddens me a little bit (once this trilogy is done I might just stop giving Disney money for these). But, I did ultimately end up having quite a bit of fun, and that is I think the most important factor in this series.

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