Don't Worry Darling

Don't Worry Darling ★★★½

My screening of this movie was a Harry Styles' concert complete with all the fixin's; pink boas, tour merch, and screams every single time he was on the screen. It was kinda camp and gave this movie the energy in definitely needed. The visuals were there and the acting was there, (everybody say thank you Florence Pugh) but the story left a bit to be desired. It's one of those movies where you're seated for the ride as it's happening but once it ends, you wonder how you got there and question the routes taken. The plot is a bit sloppy and it doesn't really lay the groundwork for its premise nor does it stick the landing in the end.

All that being said, I would definitely watch this movie again. It has so many questions and twists that it almost feels like the first part of a trilogy. Everyone in this movie is gorgeous and the creepy parts are creepy enough to entertain twice. Was all the drama worth it though? I fear not...

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