Skyfall ★★★★★

Beautiful piece of art.

That's it, Roger Deakins is the best cinematographer that's ever lived. He just can't do any wrong. This film looked absolutely gorgeous in the standard Blu-ray, which is a massive compliment. Visually, Skyfall is an absolutely stunning piece of work.

But it's also deeply resonating, the opening with Bond falling in the river is just wonderful imagery. Transitioning into the Adele song and opening which was just tremendous to see and hear. I loved the opening to Skyfall, I loved the whole film. I loved everything in Shanghai and how it was shot, there was a wonderful silhouette of Bond in the moonlight fighting (after the sniper shot) that deserves to be framed. I'm willing to also make a case that the shot of Bond running towards the camera as the burning building is lit on fire in the back is one of the best shots in the history of action film (okay idk if I'm taking it too far)

I barely see Javier Bardem in anything, considering his performance in No Country for Old Men, I'd expect him to be in more projects than he actually does have. I did not expect him to show up as I went in completely blind but I thought he was actually pretty intimidating. They also go back to the more cartoony villains (a.k.a. eye bleeding, etc) instead of the standard blonde bro in Quantom of Solace.

Skyfall, man, wow.

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