Escape from L.A.

Escape from L.A. ★★★★

So...unlike ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, unfortunately I didn't watched this on the big least not this time around because this film wasn't even part of Carpenter's retrospective at Kino Tuškanac! But after watching the original, I just had to re-watch the sequel again, especially since I really love this sequel! So that same night, I pop up my DVD... comes the shocking part!

You see...I've always liked this sequel a bit more than the original, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK! And the reason for this is very simple...

I don't think this is the better movie of the two...not at all! But the thing is... I watched this sequel before I watched the original. And I watched it in the cinema, on the big screen, back in 1996 (or 1997, I'm not sure at the moment) in my teenage years, and that had a big impact on my perception of both movies...

Now, even though this movie is sillier and even a bit trashy(ier) because the effects look dated as hell...hell, they looked dated back in the day when this was released, let alone today lol...but at the same time I found this sequel to be more entertaining, more action packed, and more cooler.
I like the original theme more here...Plissken's outfit is way more cooler in this movie, and the ending...oh man, the ending of ESCAPE FROM L.A. is one of the best endings ever!!!

Sure...if I'm being serious, I could easily tear this apart and make it a new one. But I won't...and I can't! Because I love this movie as much as the original, and as I said earlier, maybe even a little bit more...

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