Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★½

October Killer/Slasher Horror Month – Jason vs Freddy vs Michael

People sometimes say "third time's a charm", hoping that the third time will be better then the previous two. And so I hoped that FRIDAY THE 13th PART III is going to be better then previous two parts...but guess wasn't! I mean, it was slightly better then part 2 simply because unlike part 2 which was nothing more then a rehash of the original, part 3 at least tried to be kind of different, but in the end, it was more of the same shit as the original...nor better nor worse.

The first 10-15 minutes was kind of promising. Jason is on the run after the events in part 2, and is stepping out of his comfort zone, going away from the lake and woods, hiding in the nearby place, killing couple of random victims on the way. But that novelty didn't last for long, because very soon we meet new batch of teenagers who are destined to become new victims of Jason Voorhees.
But unlike in previous two movies, they arrive on a farm, or something like that, so there was no skinny dipping this time. But, they still had sex and were fooling around, and were doing the same shit they were doing in previous two movies...same old same old. But that's not even a problem. Problem is that all these characters have nothing to do here (except having sex and smoking weed, and die in the end) and they are simply uninteresting, generic, even kind of annoying...specially that fat guy named Shelly who likes to prank people around him. Funny thing is, he probably had the most important role in the whole goddamn franchise, because Jason finally gets his famous hockey mask from him. And that was another cool detail of part 3...Jason finally becoming Jason we all know today...a hockey mask killer with a machete.
By the end of it, everything was more of the same as in previous two movies...Jason goes around, killing these teenagers, one by one...even couple of stupid bikers showed up who end up dead to...until the "final girl" was left as the only survivor to confront Jason. There was couple of fun kills, but that's it.

Anyway...after watching first three FRIDAY THE 13th movies, I came to conclusion that there really isn't much of content in these films. It all comes down to simple Jason killing teenagers plots, and honestly that's not much exiting or fun. Original still somehow worked because it had a back story, but other two sequels are nothing more then just exploitation of that story. And to be honest, I don't mind that...but Im still waiting to be entertained with these movies...

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