Manhunter ★★★★

I'm still going trough Michael Mann's filmography, picking out the movies I still didn't watched,  and the next one in line was MANHUNTER! I know, I know...I'm skipping THE KEEP (for now), but I'm just not in a mood for that kind of movie right now, but will sure watch it one of these days.

But anyway...I remember watching RED DRAGON couple of years ago, but I don't really remember much about the movie itself. I think I liked it, but I'm not sure (I should definitely rewatch it). Therefore I won't do any comparisons between RED DRAGON and MANHUNTER. Also, I have never read Thomas Harris novel Red Dragon, so I can't really say was this a good book adaptation.
Same as THIEF, MANHUNTER also has a cult following, and many describe it as a masterpiece! And there's a good reason for that since this is fantastic movie! Intense and kind of creepy psychological procedure thriller in its purest form, with characters that aren't just black and white.

Like always, Mann's directing is awesome, and again he uses location's, city landscapes, lights, colours and music to create a mood and cool look of the movie. He slowly unwraps the story,  and builds up the tensions, until explosive finale.
I noticed that lots of people is saying how Brian Cox played different, maybe even better Hannibal then Anthony Hopkins. But I dunno, I wouldn't agree. IMO both Hannibal's are very similar...cold, emotionless, and slightly cynical. Although IMO Hopkins's Hannibal was a bit more scarier and creepier.
As for William Petersen...well, I like him in general. He was fantastic in TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA, and he was cool cat when he was young, and here he play's obsessed and troubled cop, and he does a good job. Same as Tom Noonan as creepy and silent psychopath serial killer. Both of them had tbeir moments to shine...

Anyway, long story short...MANHUNTER is another win for Michael Mann. Personally I liked it a bit less then HEAT, COLLATERAL and THIEF, but I still liked it...a lot!

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