• Hubie Halloween

    Hubie Halloween


    Cheer Adam, it's not like 2020 wasnt bad enough.

  • The Rental

    The Rental


    Well they didn't know how to end this one, I'm convinced of it. Who, why and what went right out the window.

  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    Yes its been done and yes its very good.

  • 365 Days

    365 Days


    Okay.....dont do this again...I fucking mean it.

  • Vivarium



    I'm not saying, we should all be watching cheerful movies at the moment, watch what you love in these tough times.....but this was fucking depressing.

  • Joker



    Dark, brutal and compelling, self destruction is your waypoint here.
    Joaquin Phoenix is phenomenal, you feel his anger, frustration and sadness which ultimately leads to his madness.

  • Midsommar



    Its like when you wake up from a bad dream and for a few seconds you dont know where you are or if it was real and then theres that sinking feeling in your stomach.....ThAt aNd FuCkinG CrAck!!!

  • Booksmart



    I'm a lot happier after watching this great movie.

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    I love this film, all the characters at the start could've just gone though a zombie apocalypse for all we know, their already paranoid and pissed off and hate each other, everybody's gone a little mad, and a dash of fuck you and yet you love them warts and all.

  • Hereditary



    It's truly disturbing, to the point of insanity.

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    You have to stop making these fucking movies...You are killing an iconic movie from my childhood, which it won't be if these pieces of shit keep turning out every couple of years.

    And fuck you Jeff goldblum for making me sit though it and think you was in it for more then 60 seconds.

  • Deadpool 2

    Deadpool 2


    Funny as fuck.