Funny, tense, socially aware, and overall just incredibly confident with itself. This movie really knows what it wants to be. Watching and experiencing it was comprobable to being seduced, as I was going deeper into the world of these characters, really falling for their charms and ticks, and trying to see where the pieces were finally going to fall for everyone. 

This has been the breeziest movie-watching experience of this year so far. Run times don’t intimidate me ‘too much’, but time really flew by watching this. All information being relayed between characters, actor, director and audience is so necessary, deliberate and precise, it really wouldn’t have worked any other way.

What I really loved about this was how the different tones exist so perfectly with one another, paired with a reveal of sorts which opens up a world of possibilities for these characters. I felt myself literally falling into the screen as I was finding myself getting even more involved and invested with this world and characters right up to the end.

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