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  • John Wick

    John Wick

    in which an alpha male gets to beat up* a whole lotta beta males and a girl.
    my fav scene - John Wick has cornered the russian beta male who in his opening fight move simply shouts into Wick's face. I can relate to that. In fact that would be my opening move as well - I'd yell - in my loudest, angriest, menopausal, alpha female voice and that'd be the end to that nonsense...

    *shoot, stab, punch, karate chop, garotte etc etc

  • The Story of Temple Drake

    The Story of Temple Drake

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Temple Drake - a pre-code cautionary tale

    Temple Drake is a wealthy young woman who exercises the only power she has - by flirting. Her grandfather and prevailing wisdom says that she should be married asap ( cant have this flirting bloom into sexual liaisons ) Temple rejects the marriage proposal from the boring lawyer - she recognises she wouldn't be happy with him - she has a 'dark side'. One night Temple finds herself stranded with a gang of…

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  • This Beautiful Fantastic

    This Beautiful Fantastic

    thank god - she didn't have a mental illness that actually caused her distress - it was the cute and quirky kind
    and thank god - she didn't befriend an old homeless guy in the park - her elderly friend was rich and had no relatives and it was going to end up so well for her
    and thank god she wasn't a 'plain jane' or getting a bit long in the tooth - she was young and pretty so…

  • Psycho II

    Psycho II


    20 years later...was it worth the wait? Kinda. One of the strongest pluses to me is the time gap. Perkins is totally believable as Norman aged/battered/vulnerable after 2 decades in an institution. Vera Miles is twisted with bitterness. Constant nods to the original - starting with the opening shower scene, high camera angles, knowing dialogue, etc, and (if not the director of the piece) the writer plays a bit part as deputy. Found Robert Loggia a bit miscast as shrink (too muscular/menacing) but I'm just quibbling.